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domingo, 16 de septiembre de 2018

Mexico City: a squalid inheritance

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Yesterday, as the current administration governing Mexico City is coming to an end, and a few hours from delivering its sixth and last governmental report, its failure in every practically every area has become more and more evident, in terms of their own projects, as they didn't accomplish the majority of infrastructure and mobility plans; and also because, in regards to security, its leaving disastrous and worrying numbers behind, a city struck by criminal violence.

The projects that would, supposedly, mark Miguel Ángel Mancera's administration in Mexico City, who by the way, requested a leave of absence and is now a senator through party-list proportional representation by the PRD, were simply canceled or where just talk: The Chapultepec corridor, thermal and bio-digestion plants, the integral rescue of La Merced, the Cuajimalpa hospital, the Children's Interactive Museum in Iztapalapa, and the banning 20,000 buses from Mexico City.

The most worrying aspect is, besides its failure to build the infrastructure promised, the destiny of the resources allocated to those programs. For the execution of those plans, MXN $15,268 Million were allocated. In some cases, these resources have been used and in other cases, they won't be used, as the project was canceled. What's going to happen with the money that has already been used in projects that won't be completed? Moreover, where are the resources and what will be done with the allocated resources, but unused?

In addition, other forgotten projects such as the 5 Economic and Social Development Areas (Zodes): Health city, Technology city, Cultural Corridor, Green or Agroindustrial city, and Administrative City, should be added to the list of unaccomplished projects during Mancera's administration.

Claudia Sheinbaum, the elected mayoress, has said that several of these projects, like the thermal and biodigestion plants, which would transform the city's garbage into energy, will be canceled, which only diminishes the current administration's already scarce heritage. Therefore, it's safe to say that Mexico City's outgoing administration is leaving profoundly indebted to the inhabitants, in most of the areas.

But especially in regards to security, the capital has gone through an enormous setback that places Mexico City among the cities with the most criminal activity, as it was seen yesterday, at the popular Plaza Garibaldi, were a criminal group attacked and killed at least 5 people.

In short, we should hold those leaving accountable, as the current state of affairs in Mexico City is unstable. Hopefully, the incoming administration is aware of that.


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