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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2018

Solar industry provides electricity to rural areas in Mexico

More than five thousand homes in rural communities of the states of Chiapas, Chihuahua, Guerrero, and Yucatán, as well as government agencies in Mexico City, have installed solar panels to supply themselves with electric energy.

Mexican company Suncore Solar Eenergy stated that these communities were chosen for their geographical characteristics, notably a high solar radiation.

Mexico is the third country in the world with the best solar energy production, even higher than Arizona and southern California in the United States. Some of the areas where they have chosen to install solar panels did not even have electricity in the past.


Solar power in Mexico has shown an exponential growth in the past few years, according to Enlight

Mexican company Enlight participates in Solar Power InternationalMexican company Enlight participates in Solar Power International

"The main objective is to supply the necessary material and install the solar panels so that the marginalized communities of the country have electricity and can thus improve the quality of life of their inhabitants," the company explained through a press release.

The aforementioned is part of the Universal Electric Service Fund (FSUE), a program created after the approval of Mexico’s energy reform to compensate communities that do not have said services and whose budget comes from the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM).

It stressed that the inhabitants themselves participated in the installation work, and thanks to this new service people have more opportunities, for example: children can go out to play, they can do homework, read, and study. They have also stopped spending on candles, which was the only way for them to keep their houses illuminated at night.

With five years of existence, Suncore works so that more communities in the country, especially in the northern parts and in the Yucatan peninsula, have electric services while committing to the environment.


According to Mexico's Minister of Energy, the groundwork is being laid so that by 2024, 43% of the energy produced in Mexico comes from renewable sources

Mexico, in the “top 10” of countries investing big on renewable energy Mexico, in the “top 10” of countries investing big on renewable energy


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