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sábado, 10 de noviembre de 2018

Cabify to launch electric scooters in Mexico City

Through a partnership with Movo motorcycle sharing, Cabify has decided to present a new line of electric scooters in the main cities of Mexico, Latin America, and Spain.

Through this new feature, the company plans to diversify its transport alternatives in urban mobility, covering the transport needs of citizens around the globe.

In the coming months, Movo and Cabify will launch 20 thousand scooters with a 35 kilometer range in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Spain.

The Movo application will allow users to locate and unlock the scooter by scanning the QR code on the handlebar. Prices will vary depending on the country.

In a statement, Cabify claimed that the scooters would connect to a platform that allows for their monitoring and geolocation in real time.

The co-founder of Movo, Álvaro Pellejero, said that the scooters had the potential to have a great impact in Latin America regarding sustainable mobility since most large cities in Latin America have traffic congestion problems. “We are convinced that electric scooters are the solution," said the company director.

For his part, Juan de Antonio, founder of Cabify, hopes that this new micromobility alternative will be very useful for Movo users in Spain, notably in the city of Madrid.


Last Friday, California startup Bird announced the launch of its electric scooters in Mexico City

Startup company Bird launches electric scooters in Mexico CityStartup company Bird launches electric scooters in Mexico City


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