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domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2018

LEGO to open several stores in Mexico

The Fibra Uno Real Estate Investment Trust (Funo) and Grupo Juguetrón announced an alliance to open four Lego stores in Mexico, which will sell exclusive products.

The general director of the chain toy store, Emilia Siman, said that these stores stand out for providing a complete experience, in addition to giving an exceptional service, as well as its passion to bring endless stories to customers and consumers.

"This partnership with Funo strengthens the scope of our future strategy in Mexico. This is just beginning, we will be reaching other cities in the country and we want to meet the expectations of our customers and consumers, creating values and promoting creative thinking," she said.

In turn, the director of Fibra Uno, Gonzálo Robina, said that this alliance brings innovation to its shopping centers.


Mexico is a key market for the Danish company since one-third of the global demand for the beloved and colorful interlocking plastic bricks is produced in Monterrey

LEGO Store Mexico is here!LEGO Store Mexico is here!


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